Who is the Best TV Survivalist?

From Bear Grylls to Les Stroud - find out who are some of our favorite TV survivors! Learn more about their shows and how they can help you survive.

Who is the Best TV Survivalist?

Few survival experts are better known than Bear Grylls. Love it or hate it, Bear has become perhaps the most famous TV survival guide of all. Born Edward Michael Grylls, this British adventurer is a former military member of the Special Air Service. Ray Mears is another renowned survivor legend.

His short-lived television series based in the United Kingdom was not initially as popular as it would be years later, and today it enjoys an almost cult following that has led to several sequels. One of the “must-see” shows with Ray Mears, this particular series spans three individual episodes and has Ray tracking predatory animals in their own natural habitat. Dave Canterbury, the former Dual Survival star, along with former colonel and military engineer Dick Strawbridge and Johnny Littlefield, a homebuilder, are featured in an outdoor survival TV show on the National Geographic Channel. They establish each other location-specific outdoor activities to be performed with the use of the limited set of tools.

This TV series showcases ingenuity, wit and survival skills at its best, and it's a good watch for those who are survival nerds. Ruth England is another well-known name in the world of survival television. Born in the UK, she was known for most of her adult career as a TV presenter, journalist and actress. After marrying Captain Mykel Hawke Pierce, however, she began to dive headfirst into the world of survival television as well.

She starred in the Discovery Channel television show Man, Woman, Wild with her husband and would later appear in several episodes of Lost Survivors on Travel Channel with Pierce.Ray Mears is another renowned survivor legend. Ever since he was a young boy growing up in the southern part of England (and the North Downs), Ray Mears had a singular ambition: to become a member of the Royal Marines. He is easily one of the most recognizable names in the world of survival television and is regarded as one of the best survival experts on the planet, not only in front of a camera but in the entire world of survival in general.Les Stroud entered this race by accident. He is also one of the most recognizable names in the world of survival television and is regarded as one of the best survival experts on the planet.

These are some of our favorite TV survivors: Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild; Duane and Rena Ores from Alone; Myke Hawke and Ruth England from Man Woman Wild; and Les Stroud from Survivorman. These programs can help you survive a little longer if you're ever stuck in a desert or in the jungle.It's a hot genre now, with many new survival shows airing every year. Naturally, there is a lot of debate about which one is the best. Are you a Bear Grylls fan or do you think it's nothing compared to Les Stroud?The word survivor used to be associated with groups of millennials who spent their weekends anxiously anticipating the End of Days.

Since it was imagined that it was mainly a thermonuclear war that would completely disrupt social and political order and devastate food supplies, young right-wing Christians were taught self-defense and self-reliance.Tonight starts a new show presented by former Green Beret Myke Hawke and his English wife Ruth England that promises to be the most extreme example of the genre to date.Do you want to talk about a horrible place to be when you're trying to survive? These people are literally left in the desert without clothes. You have 7 pairs of loved ones who are left apart from each other. First they have to navigate an unknown place in the desert to find themselves. But this is probably the hardest, as it tries to survive in the Yukon for 3 months.It literally tests your limits and abilities at all times.

Basically, they take the best survival experts and give them 60 hours to complete each stage of the course. They must survive on very few supplies and do all this on the rugged terrain of Alaska.This show is enough to panic most modern children.Les Stroud takes a group of children to the desert. This TV show has a big prize at the end.

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