Where is Survivalists Season 2 Filmed? An Expert's Guide

Survivalists is an American reality series produced by Mark Koops with INE Entertainment and BYUTV. Learn more about where it was filmed for season 2.

Where is Survivalists Season 2 Filmed? An Expert's Guide

Survivalists is a reality series produced by Mark Koops with INE Entertainment and BYUTV. It was filmed in Moab, Utah, and the second season takes families to the rugged desert of Moab, Utah, where they will face new challenges, such as climbing rocks and surviving in the snow. The shooting process for BYUTV's new series, “Survivalists”, ended up being relatively easy. It started with the teams of contestants who were from the same family to film the show in the wild of Idaho.

The results of that safe environment can be seen when “Survivalists Debuts at 6 PM Naked and Afraid” is an American reality series that airs on the Discovery Channel. Each episode tells the lives of two survivors (1 man and 1 woman) who find themselves naked for the first time and are given the task of surviving a stay in the desert for 21 days. Each survivor is allowed to bring a useful item, such as a machete or fire starter. After meeting at the assigned place, partners must build a shelter and find water and food.Like the first season, the second also visited six countries, using Malaysia as the stage once again (Season 1 was shot in Malaysian Borneo, while survivors from Season 2 were stranded in Peninsular Malaysia).

He is also currently wearing the host hat for BYUtv's competition series, Survivalists, where families come face to face in a series of wilderness survival challenges. PORT NECHES A local family left their home in Port Neches to go to nature in a three-day race, hiking through mountains and paddling rivers as subjects of a competition show called Survivalists.I think that just like the Survivalists program, just having shared experiences with the people you love, your family is an incredible way to strengthen your relationship. The Escobedo family, Sergio and Zulema and their daughters Mindy and Elaina, are seen on their first day in Idaho for BYUTV's Survivalists program. O'Brady's natural leanings toward teaching and knowledge sharing lend themselves well to his hosting duties at Survivalists.During the filming of Survivalists, the Adams family had to work together on tasks, such as building a tent.

These graphs shed light on countries and survivors with interesting and often humorous facts. According to information from the TV show's website, Survivalists shows how families should work together to reach the goal.As a real-life host and survivor, O'Brady has some favorite challenges and enjoys being able to prove when he can. While the general purpose of Survivalists is to bring families closer together through team building and motivate them to go out into nature and lead an active life, it is still a competition.While both filming locations were spectacular examples of pristine countryside, the Season 2 location presented many new elements to challenge competitors, including a large temperature change from day to night. Thanks to the Survivalists crew, these families now know what it takes not only to survive in the wild but also to thrive as a family.

At least that's what adventure seeker Colin O'Brady believes, who returns to host Season 2 of Survivalists on BYUTV.

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