Where in Idaho is the Survivalist Filmed?

BYUTV's new series Survivalists was filmed in the wilds of Idaho. Learn more about this thrilling competition show that brings families closer together through team building and wilderness survival challenges.

Where in Idaho is the Survivalist Filmed?

Port Neches is the home of a local family who left to take part in a three-day race in nature as part of a competition show called Survivalists. The show was filmed in the wilds of Idaho, and the results of the safe environment can be seen when it premieres at 6 pm. One of the contestants, Knoke, is part of season 9 of Alone, which was shot last year in Labrador, Canada. Although she can't talk about her experience in detail, she said her lifestyle in northern Idaho prepared her well.

She is also currently hosting BYUTV's competition series, Survivalists, where families come together to face wilderness survival challenges. What makes hosting Survivalists so special is seeing the progress families make and their ability to persevere together. The 60-day challenge is the “pinnacle of 'Naked and Afraid”, and it's an opportunity for O'Brady to prove himself as an ultimate primitive survivor. With Survivalists joining popular series like The Next Step and Dwight in Shining Armor, it's essential for Canadian families looking to spend quality time together.

The general purpose of Survivalists is to bring families closer together through team building and motivate them to go out into nature and lead an active life. In the first episode, the Cajuste family seeks to spend more time together than their busy lives allow, while the Daynes family hopes to honor their youngest son, Eli, who has Down syndrome. O'Brady has some favorite challenges and enjoys being able to prove himself when he can. His degree from Idaho State University in Terrestrial and Environmental Systems and his career in Geographic Information Systems sparked his interest in geological study of a volcanic eruption.

His natural leanings towards teaching and knowledge sharing make him a great host for Survivalists. Families compete in a series of survival challenges before taking their gear on a grueling three-day, 13-mile journey through Idaho's inhospitable mountainous terrain in a thrilling race that goes all the way. O'Brady says Survivalists focuses on family strength and how they work together to solve life's challenges.

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