Where in Idaho is Survivalists Filmed?

BYUTV's new series Survivalists follows 10 survivors trying to outdo each other in difficult conditions. Find out where it was filmed and what it's all about!

Where in Idaho is Survivalists Filmed?

Port Neches is the home of a local family who left to take part in a three-day race in nature. The race was part of a competition show called Survivalists, which was filmed in the wild of Idaho. The contestants were all from the same family and the show will debut at 6 pm. Families compete in a series of survival challenges, before taking their gear on a grueling three-day, 13-mile journey through Idaho's inhospitable mountainous terrain in a thrilling race that goes all the way.

The Cajuste family seeks to spend more time together than their busy lives allow, while the Daynes family hopes to honor their youngest son, Eli, who has Down syndrome. The show follows 10 survivors trying to outdo each other in difficult conditions. It is produced by veteran unscripted producer Mark Koops with INE Entertainment and BYUTV. The host of the show is adventurer and explorer Colin O'Brady, who has some favorite challenges and enjoys being able to prove when he can.

The main purpose of Survivalists is to bring families closer together through team building and motivate them to go out into nature and lead an active life. It also focuses on family strength and how they work together to solve life's challenges. Now, the host lives on 40 acres near Coachella, Idaho, and is working on opening a wilderness survival school.With Survivalists joining popular series like The Next Step and Dwight in Shining Armor, the fantastic Family Channel lineup on Mondays is essential for Canadian families looking to spend quality viewing time together.

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