30 Essential Items Every Doomsday Prepper Should Have

Doomsday prepping requires careful planning and preparation - this article covers 30 essential items that every doomsday prepper should have in order to meet their family's needs during an emergency situation.

30 Essential Items Every Doomsday Prepper Should Have

Doomsday prepping is a serious business. It requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that you and your family are ready for any emergency situation. This article covers 30 essential items that every doomsday prepper should have in order to meet their family's needs for approximately two weeks. From camping fuel to solar outdoor lights, these items will help you stay safe and secure in the event of a disaster.

WaterWater is essential for survival, so it's important to have enough on hand to last at least two weeks. Most preppers recommend one gallon per person per day, but it's best to err on the side of caution and have two gallons per person per day. You can choose from 5 gallon containers, single bottles or one gallon containers. If you run out of bottled water, you'll need to purify the water you manage to collect.

Unscented bleach, purifying tablets or a water filter can all be used for this purpose. Boiling the water for at least a minute is also an effective way to purify it. Cooking StoveA camping stove is essential for cooking food in an emergency situation. Coleman is a great option, but if you're looking for something more affordable, a single burner propane stove is a good choice.

Make sure you have enough propane cylinders to last at least 2-3 hours of cooking time. CashNot every family in America can have several hundred dollars in cash on hand, but it's still important to have some money saved up in case of an emergency. This will come in handy if the shelves are empty in the stores or if you need to buy something quickly. Survival BooksThere are many survival books available online that can be downloaded for free and put on a Kindle.

This is much more convenient than carrying around a ton of books and it can be recharged with a solar charger. Alarm SystemAn alarm system can be useful for deterring criminals, but most of them won't be scared off by a small alarm. If you want to protect your family, it's best to get at least one gun for self-defense purposes. FlashlightA reliable and high-quality flashlight is essential in case of a power outage.

A headlamp is a great option as it keeps your hands free and illuminates your line of sight. The Energizer Vision Ultra-Rechargeable Headlamp is an excellent choice thanks to its 400 lumens of brightness, beam distance of 80 meters and up to 15 hours of use on a single charge. FoodThe human body needs at least 10 liters of water every three days to stay healthy, so couples should store at least 20 liters of water and families of four should store 40 liters or more. If you have space, it's also worth having some extra food on hand for cooking and bathing purposes.

BackpackIf the house becomes unsafe and you are forced to leave, you'll need a sturdy backpack to carry survival items with you. Look for one with many compartments, including a waterproof section if possible for smartphones and Energizer batteries. RadioInternet and telephone signals could be the first forms of communication that leave in a natural disaster or become congested without use. A reliable radio is essential as a source of news and information during such times.

Make sure the batteries are Energizer as they are known for their quality and durability. First Aid KitA first aid kit should be part of every prepper's arsenal as it can come in handy during medical emergencies. Take a brief test every 3-6 months and replace it as needed. BatteriesEven a radio needs electricity to transmit signals, so having the right batteries on hand can get you out of trouble in a hurry.

Energizer is known for its reliable and long-lasting batteries, so these premium products should be your go-to choice regardless of the size required. Board Games/Playing CardsBoard games are great for entertainment purposes, but playing cards are even better as they take up less space and can be used to play more than 50 different games! Playing cards is also a great way to keep everyone sane during an emergency situation. Calcium HypochlorideCalcium hypochloride is a stable chemical that turns into bleach when it comes into contact with water and can be used to purify water in an emergency situation. The brand I found comes in the form of small 1″ briquettes which are slightly smaller than charcoal briquettes according to images on the company's website.

Survival BlogsSurvival blogs are an excellent resource for both survivors and preppers alike as they provide practical advice on how to prepare for any emergency situation. Led by husband and wife team Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog provides valuable information on how to stay safe during disasters such as wildfires or floods.

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