Where to Find Metal Ingots in The Survivalists

Metal ingots are an important resource in The Survivalists video game. Learn where to find them and how to craft them.

Where to Find Metal Ingots in The Survivalists

To get metal, you'll need to understand the basics. To find materials from this family, such as gold minerals and gems, you need to go to volcanic biomes. These volcanic biomes have more rocks, due to the environment. That said, these rocks can't be found on your first island.

The metal ingot is an object from The Survivalists that is mainly used as a craft material. It can be obtained by extracting metal deposits. The metal deposit is a type of rock formation found on most islands, except on the initial island of The Survivalists. Metal nodes abound in the volcanic biome.

You may find some in caves in other biomes. The volcanic biome is tough and dangerous. Players will receive damage due to heat and will need water bottles or elixirs to survive. If you don't have glass objects yet, you can come and go to minimize damage.Even on the starting island, players can find metal ingots as loot in a dungeon.

In the last camera, when opening the chests by blows, this material is often revealed together with tools and weapons made of metal. These areas can be difficult to overcome, especially for someone who has just started the game, but the risk is worth it.The best places to locate metal ingots in The Survivalists are volcanic biomes and caves. Both places have a lot of rocks due to the environment they are situated in. Metal ingots are found in rocks that have shiny silver-colored objects called metal veins.

The veins for gold bars and gems also look similar but with a different shine color.It doesn't take much progress in The Survivalists' tech tree before players find themselves in need of metal ingots. Much later, as you progress through The Survivalists, you can even create a teleporter, one that connects your island to this most inhospitable place.The reason you can't find these materials is because they're not on the first island of The Survivalists. Many of The Survivalists' more advanced crafting recipes require players to obtain metal ingots. To get them, you'll need to venture into the volcanic biome or explore caves in other biomes.

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