Doomsday Preppers: Is the Show Still On?

Doomsday Preppers was a popular show on Nat Geo that was abruptly canceled due to backlash from an anti-gun platform. Learn more about doomsday prepping and how you can still get started.

Doomsday Preppers: Is the Show Still On?

Doomsday Preppers was a popular show that aired on Nat Geo, featuring three different people or couples in each episode. The show was abruptly canceled due to a backlash from an anti-gun platform that filed a petition to prevent Nat Geo from airing an episode, and the situation worsened after Sandy Hook shooter Adama Lanza mentioned that he considered himself a doomsday preparer. This led to a petition to delete the series, which Nat Geo did considering the sensitivity of the situation.It is estimated that more than 68 million US doomsday preparers have purchased survival gear in light of recent political events or natural disasters. Practical Preppers, LLC co-owners Scott and David appeared in the pilot episode of Doomsday Preppers and have been the show's “experts” ever since.

At the end of each episode, NatGeo experts gave each preparer a score of 1 to 100 rating the quality and likely effectiveness of their proper pre-planning.Confusion over James Yeager's rhetoric led to a widespread campaign against Doomsday Preparers. With no shortage of potential content and a legion of adoring fans, Doomsday Preppers should have been prepared to become the next staple of block programming. If you just know that the preparation comes from the Doomsday Preppers program, you most likely think that the preparers are a bunch of militia guys with a lot of weapons and distrust of the big government.So who are the Doomsday Preppers experts who give the scores? The answer is Scott Hunt (top right) and David Kobler (left). For many people, this preparatory television program was their first introduction to the world of end-time apocalypse theories and doomsday preparers.

We use publicly available data and resources, such as IMDb, The Movie Database, and epguides to ensure that Doomsday Preppers release date information is accurate and up to date.Given all this, it's no surprise that Nat Geo decided to cancel Doomsday Preppers. However, it's still possible to find out about doomsday prepping through other sources. There are plenty of websites dedicated to providing information on prepping for disasters, as well as books and other resources. It's also possible to find out about prepping through online communities and forums.Ultimately, it's up to each individual to decide how they want to prepare for potential disasters.

But with all the resources available today, it's easier than ever before to get started with doomsday prepping.

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